Freight forwarding :

We do in a global network with worldwide facilities. We deal in international or multi-national import and export. While the freight forwarding doesn't actually move the freightitself, we act as an intermediary between the client and various transportation services. We guarantee that products will get to the proper destination by an agreed upon date, and in good condition.

GKay always strives to serve the Customer better by utilizing sources skills and offering excellence in services and processes through a team of dedicated personnel, who ensure that every small detail is taken care of right from its planning to execution.

Sea :

Our main role is to make arrangements for the transportation of the goods which are produced by the company with transportation other shipping companies. We act as a middle man between the companies for transporting the goods. We have good knowledge about the transportation facilities and other facilities which are made available by different shipping companies. We are
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Schedule Properly

The main task of us is to search for the Shippers who need to transport their cargo from one place to another. We receive and follow the requirements of both the shipper and the transport providers and maintain a proper schedule to meet these requirements.

Air :

Tristar Forwarders Pvt Ltd associated with GKay.It can arrange to supply different types of aircrafts under Air Charter for those special transports of project requirements. Your air freight is tracked every step of the way. If you or your customer needs a proof of delivery we will be happy to provide that.

Tristar Forwarders Pvt Ltd .,provides you with new air freight solution, including the following advantages:
  • A high standard of service, world-wide
  • Reliable service and competitive rates
  • A choice of three time-definite level of service
  • A specified transit time covering entire transport chain or positions
  • No restrictions on size or weight of shipments
  • Unusually high performance/price ratio
  • An extraordinary high degree of flexibility

Road :

Transport Services is a division of G.K. Shipping Services, that provides specialized transportation services to shippers of heavy and over dimensional equipment and integrated project logistics management for engineering, procurement and construction companies servicing energy, mining, chemical, infrastructure and other sectors.

We are having Container Trucks on our own G.K. Shipping Services,has a separate division for transport namely GKay Haulers.

GKay Haulers encompasses a number of different options. We offer 20ft. or 40ft. FCL Sole use Container services with only your goods in the container, to most major ports. This involves your goods being secured within a container with straps and wheel chocks to hold it in place. You effectively pay for the sole use of the container.

Warehousing :

We are able to provide warehousing facility to bulk manufacturers, buyers, exporters and traders. Also, in our warehouse, we possess latest inventory management and security system. We have capacious warehouse and wide distribution network. Leading-edge information technology and connectivity offers real-time visibility to inventory. In addition to traditional Distribution Center Management we also offer a full range of Distribution System.

  • Cross Dock
  • Domestic Transportation
  • Finished Goods Distribution
  • In-Transit Assembly
  • Merge in Transit
  • Raw Materials Handling
  • Retail Distribution

LCL Consolidators :

We at GKay provide consolidation program for those consignees with multiple suppliers. Rather than small shipments, LCL shipments, we can consolidate the vendor's cargo into a full container for maximum container utilization. . Our consolidation service offers the advantages of competitive freight rates, competitive insurance premiums, reduced risk of pilferage and reduced packing costs. We make all arrangements for combining of goods at origin, and separation of cargo at destination.

This means that you can enjoy the economic benefits of consolidated shipment, without the concerns of separating your goods at destination.

CHA & Custom Broking :

Welcome to a world of assurance. Sri Vijay Shipping Services is the leading organization that provides custom house clearance services.It is also associated with GKay. The family of Sri Vijay Shipping Services aims to provide integrated shipping solutions to the parameters of port infrastructure services required.

Customs clearance and customs brokerage is an important part of the overseas market for importers and exporters, stress-free to ensure government regulatory approvals for import and export of goods from one country to another. The contract provides for the calculation of transportation costs, taxes, and excise taxes for the customer. We have been growing day by day as a trustworthy and popular Custom Broking Agent, offering world class Custom Clearing Services from/to India. It is our endeavor to enhance our customer's delight by offering them right solution at right time.

Our services include :
  • We are handling our shipments with our efficient staff
  • Smooth handling of shipments
  • Export Handling
  • Documentation for custom clearance
  • Carting Receiving Goods
  • Examination of Shipments
  • Registration of the contract with customs for the project clearance
  • Custom clearance of the import cargo at the port of entry
  • Port handling
  • Reconciliation of the contract after completion of import
  • Port handling and arranging bonded warehouse as and when required by the client
  • We are exporting goods through air cargo


We are a registered MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) and offer door-to door services from all the ports in India to all international destinations and issue our own bill of loading.

Multimodal Transport implies the safe and efficient movement of goods, where the MTO accepts the corresponding responsibility from door-to-door. With technological development of transport means and operations, as well as in communications, coupled with liberalization in the provision of services, more and more transport operators are able to provide such safe and efficient transport.

We are a registered Multimodal Transport Operator with our own Bill of Lading for worldwide operations, covering both sea and land transportation.